Sergio Chavez is a minister, dynamic motivational speaker, and life coach. He has traveled across the U.S., Central America, and the Caribbean engaging the masses in a compelling and life-giving way through his writing, teaching, and public speaking. His aim is to transform the lives of individuals through the power of words.

As a child growing up in Falls Church, Virginia, Sergio developed a passion and gift for speaking and communicating through music, acting, and writing. He hit his first major turning point at age 12 when his parents separated and eventually divorced. This drove him to unhealthy choices, including poor academic performance, losing hope and confidence in himself, and turning to toxic relationships.

Years later, he came to the realization that those around him, including himself, needed hope, restoration, and motivation. Sergio’s ambition and charisma to spread this message moved him to begin speaking to small groups in family homes and working in inner-city communities. What started as small discussions has now become speaking engagements in congregations, venues, businesses, non- profits, schools, and correctional facilities.

Today, he is known for his underlying message of hope. His personal story inspires many across the nation to arise, dream big, and live a life without fear and limitations.

Sergio is happily married to his best friend, Franchesca Chavez, and together they founded church and non-profit organization, Hope Center DC, Inc in Prince George's County, Maryland. He is also the proud father of his daughters, Kalea and Nadae.