Media Kit

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Mission & Services

Our mission is to equip, inspire, and empower individuals to positively impact their respective spheres of influence. 

Leaders and members of businesses, organizations, agencies, and communities need to be fueled with encouragement to propel them in the right direction and/or to keep them passionate about what they do! Through his motivational speaking, Sergio Chavez aims to do the following:

  • Motivation and Encouragement 
  • Leadership Development
  • Youth Development
  • Life Coaching (group or individual)
  • Refueling Passion (in your field)
  • Self Care and Burnout Prevention
  • Solution Based Training

This is achieved through facilitating solution based and practical teachings that are dynamic, cutting edge, and relevant. The services are delivered in various forms: teaching, preaching, workshops, seminars, conferences, and one-on-one sessions.

These services are useful and recommended in numerous areas, including (and not limited to):

  • schools
  • non-profits
  • corporations and businesses
  • churches
  • agencies
  • communities
  • correctional facilities

Skills & Certifications

  • Fluent Languages: English & Spanish
  • Preaching (ordained minister) and teaching
  • Certified in Facilitation Skills
  • Certified in Time Management, Conflict Resolution, and Motivational Interviewing
  • Certified in Advanced Youth Development and Child Development
  • Certified in Advanced Professional Community Intervention
  • Certified in Support and Leadership Enhancement